Speed51.com reached out to short track racers, NASCAR drivers, racing personalities and more to get their thoughts on who would win Super Bowl XLVIII this Sunday between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.  Check out their responses...some are full of insightful football analysis, while others are pretty off-the-wall. 

Brennan Poole - ARCA Racing Series
Broncos because I think it would be great to see Manning win another Super Bowl before he retires.

Ryan Preece - NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
Seahawks.  I want to see them get their first championship.  Also, because of Manning and his "Omaha" snap.

Colt James - Pro Late Models
Denver Broncos. Peyton manning might be the greatest QB to ever play the game. Would love to see him win it after all he went through coming back from his neck injury.

Chase Elliott - Super Late Models / NASCAR Nationwide Series
I really like both teams.  Hard for me not to pull for Peyton though, I feel like this is his last game and he's one of the best.

Dan Lensing - Late Models
That’s easy.  The Broncos.  One word: Manning. He is the best ever! Go #18

Donnie Wilson - Southern Super Series
My Sooners are not in it but, Denver.  It's just their year

Jimmy Blewett - NASCAR/Dirt Modifieds
Broncos because I had a Starter coat in middle school that was a Denver Bronco coat and I was cool as sh*t, at least I thought.  Wearing chest-out like a peacock...all the cool kids were doing it at the time.
Chuck Hossfeld - RoC Modifieds
Denver will win.  Peyton is as prepared as he has ever been for this game. He has the whole team and city behind him. 

Tom Curley - American-Canadian Tour President
Seahawks because Denver crushed my New England Patriots!! (unfortunately Denver will win 23-14) GO RED SOX!

Derek Thorn - SPEARS Southwest Tour, KNWest
Broncos.  Manning came back from the injury and being let go by the Colts to be in the Super Bowl.  That's pretty stout.

Scott Heckert - NASCAR K&N Pro Series East
Broncos!  I think Manning is destined to win a second title.  Especially with no "12th man" against him.

Rob Fuller - NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
Denver.  Peyton shows the effects of hard work and dedication.  Good to see him succeed with two different teams.

Bob and Angie Dillner - Speed51.com
Broncos all the way!  We have a lot of respect for Peyton Manning.  He's a good person and leader and doesn't have to act like a hotshot to prove it.  He's also a devout Christian.  He, Tom Brady and Joe Montana are probably the best quarterbacks of all-time.  Go Orange Crush!

Ben Rhodes - NASCAR K&N Pro Series East
What is the Super Bowl?  I'm a racecar driver!  I really don't watch much football, but if I had to pick who is going to win the Super Bowl I would have to say Denver.  I pull for them because I want to see Peyton Manning make a comeback.  After he and the Colts parted, I have wanted him to show he can still play.  He has done a great job this year and to win the Super Bowl would be big for him.

Brandon McReynolds - NASCAR K&N Pro Series West
The Denver Broncos because I love the way Peyton manning brings out the best in the rest of the team.   Makes them want to work and play harder.

Daniel Webster - Florida United Promoters Series
Man I'm not sure!  I think the Seahawks have more heart than the Broncos.  Denver is a precisely prepared unit, but if the game plan begins to fail, I think the Seahawks can better adapt.

Andy Seuss - NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Even though I'm a diehard Patriots fan, I have to go with Denver.  I think it would be neat to see Manning's comeback complete.

Burt Myers - NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour
I really respect Peyton Manning. He is the "second" best QB in the NFL (Burt is a big New England Patriots fan, a team quarterbacked by Tom Brady).  I admire his work ethics and his faith.  But, I think the Seahawks defense may give them a fit.... And I drew Seattle in the pre-playoff pool, so I'm going with Seattle!

Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. - American-Canadian Tour
Denver.  Peyton Manning has a lot more experience than Russell Wilson.  Should be a great game, but Denver will win it.

BJ McLeod - Super Late Models / NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
Seattle for sure.  I think they have a better offense.

Elgin Traylor - Speed51.com
Who cares about the football and the commercials.  The Puppy Bowl is where it’s at.  Puppy Bowl X comes on at 3pm and is over well before they play with that pigskin.  I think it will be another epic game with a lot of wet noses.  On the serous side I think the story of Denver and Manning is one that American wants to see happen, but I have the feeling Seattle will make this a game Denver will want to forget.  Final score: Seattle 30 - Denver 13 

Glenn Luckett - CRA Series Director
Broncos because Peyton Manning is the man.  Omaha!

Dan Fredrickson - ARCA Midwest Tour
The Seahawks. That is the team my son wants to win. I really don’t care who wins cause I am a race car driver.

David Ragan - NASCAR Sprint Cup Series / Super Late Models
Denver Broncos. Want to see John Fox get a Super Bowl ring. And Demaryius Thomas is from Georgia Tech!

Cassius Clark - PASS North
I'm rooting for Denver.  My prediction is Broncos 24, Seahawks 17.  Peyton's career is winding down and he doesn't want this one to slip away. He'll be prepared to lead his team to victory.

Cody Coughlin - JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour / Super Late Models
The Seahawks.  Because my Patriots got beat by Denver and I just don’t like Denver.

Tim Bryant - Five Flags Speedway General Manager
Broncos because Peyton is Archie's son, and we still love the Saints!

Brandon Paul - Speed51.com
Broncos.  As much as it pains me to make this pick, I think Peyton Manning knows how much this game means for his legacy. It won't be easy going up against the Seattle defense, but as we've seen all season Peyton has the weapons to get it done.

RS Senter - Pro Late Models
Seahawks because of Richard Sherman's interview.

Kevin Ramsell - Speed51.com
I am really divided on this one.  Be cool to see the Seahawks win because they have Russell Wilson, a former Wisconsin Badger QB.  The Denver Broncos deserve to be there and they have Monte Ball, former Wisconsin Badger RB and its cool to see Peyton Manning return after his injury.  Wilson was only a Badger for a year and Ball gave us four great years at Wisconsin.  Going with the Broncos.

Brodie Kostecki - NASCAR K&N Pro Series East
I want to see the Broncos win.  After what Peyton went through with his injury, it would be good to see them win.

Kevin Swindell - Midgets / ARCA / NASCAR Nationwide Series
Seahawks. Better Jerseys

Matt Hirschman - NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
Broncos are more experienced especially at quarterback.  Peyton Manning will put more points on the board and win his second Super Bowl.  Well deserved.

Trey Mitchell - Super Late Models
I'll take the Seahawks because Russell Wilson is so impressive for a young quarterback and their defense is nothing short of incredible. Such a tough decision for me because obviously Manning is a legend. Hoping for a good, safe game with even better commercials.

Anderson Bowen - Super Late Models / ARCA / KNEast
I want the Denver Broncos to win because Peyton Manning is the man!

Matt Kentfield - Speed51.com
Respect the heck out of Peyton Manning's abilities, but something about him rubs me the wrong way.  Maybe it's the five-head (you know, when it's bigger than a forehead?).  Maybe it's because he always looks confuzzled and gives the trademark "Manningface" when things don't go his way.  As a Patriots fan, I never cheered for him with the Colts and couldn't now just because he's with a different team.  Then again, I don't have any reasons to root for the Seahawks either.  I'll just hang out with family and friends, get fat(ter) and hope it's as entertaining as last year's game.

Joey Doiron - PASS North
I'm going with the Seahawks.  There's no way Manning doesn't crumble under pressure two games in a row.  He's no Brady.

Brandon Johnson - Super / Pro Late Models
I'm going with Denver. One of the guys that works on my car is a big Broncos fan, so to stay in good graces with him I'm pulling for them too.

Steve Park - NASCAR Sprint Cup Series / Modifieds
Peyton Manning because you need to never count him out!  Underdog!  So was Alan Kulwicki.

RJ Scott - CRA Managing Partner
Broncos...live in Colorado, from Indiana...love Peyton Manning...the attached T-shirt says why all the Colts fans became Bronco fans...Peyton Manning!

Johnny Sauter - NASCAR Camping World Truck Series / Super Late Models
Seattle!  Two reasons - Russell Wilson is a former Badger and I always pull for the underdog.

Jordan Anderson - Super Late Models / KNEast
It's hard to pick after the Panthers made it as far as they did this season, but after watching the Broncos play all year I think they definitely have the stronger team going into Sunday's game. That and the fact that Floyd Mayweather bet $10 million on them. Seems convincing enough to me to bet on them as well.

Ally Fulson - Speed51.com
I like Seattle... because I've been there and it's a pretty city. Never been a big NFL fan. War Eagle!

Bobby Measmer, Jr. - NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour / Super Late Models
I want the Broncos to win for coach John Fox after getting let go from the Panthers and what he's been through this season.  But that could change tomorrow when the numbers go out for the Super Bowl pool I'm in.

Corey Schultz - Five Star Race Car Bodies
I'm going Denver.  Love Russell Wilson from his time playing at Wisconsin, but come on, I want to hear more 'Omaha's' from ol' Peyton!

Gary Howe - Kalamazoo Speedway Owner/Promoter
I'd like to see the 36 year old quarterback kick the young guys asses!  Go Manning!

Clay Campbell - Martinsville Speedway President
Since my Redskins didn't come close, I don't have any interest in either Denver of Seattle.  Besides, it's February.  Time for Daytona!

CE Falk - Late Model Stocks
The Broncos.  Why?  Omaha!  Because there is so much meaning in one little word.  Does it mean hot route to Wes Welker?  Does it mean Papa John get me a large pepperoni?  Does it mean, 'Man doesn't this Buick Rendezvous make me look like a bad ass while maintaining my family man character?'  Does it mean I need to be tighter in and looser off?  We will never know, but it's awesome what he has done since coming back from his neck surgery and I would like to see him go full circle and win Sunday.

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