Speed51.com Partners With TheThirdTurn.com
‘51’s Third Turn’ Provides Short Track Fans Access To Racing History
51 Sports / Speed51.com press release
Speed51.com is pleased to announce a new partnership with TheThirdTurn.com, the largest short track racing history site on the web. The affiliation will see The Third Turn site become known as ‘51’s Third Turn’ and integrate many of its historical information and statistics into Speed51.com's short track racing coverage this year.

Under one umbrella, short track fans will now be able to connect the current news and race coverage they crave with glimpsing back to their favorite days of racing’s past.

Speed51.com, founded in 2001, has established itself in recent news as the leading asphalt short track news site on the internet. In addition to daily providing fans with the freshest news and information on what is going on in the short track racing world, Speed51’s Trackside Now coverage over the weekends allows fans from across the country to be able to tune in and see what’s happening in some of the biggest races of the year such as the Snowball Derby and the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna. 

Adding a statistical and historical archive like 51’s Third Turn will enhance that same coverage for readers this season.

"The Third Turn has always been the go-to resource for our staff when it comes to historical information, whether it's for background on events we're covering with Trackside Now or to research a certain driver's or series' statistics," said Bob Dillner, Speed51.com owner and NASCAR on FOX Sports Broadcaster.  "We know how passionate short track fans are for their historical information on events and racers from today and yesterday, so bringing 51 and The Third Turn together is a great partnership for fans of all types of racing."

The Third Turn was founded in 2006 and adds post-race statistics and information on 75 active short track touring series. In addition, The Third Turn also has exhaustive histories and information regarding popular series & races of short tracks’ past, such as the ASA National Tour, ALL PRO Super Series, ACT Pro Stock Tour, ARTGO Challenge Series, Snowball Derby, Winchester 400 and more.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the short track racing community as a whole,” remarked Tim Quievryn, founder of 51’s Third Turn and a longtime Speed51 correspondent. “Certainly full field results and driver statistics only tell part of a story of a race, but they are an important part of that story that often get lost to history.  Speed51 excels in telling another part of that story – walking down into the pits and really talking to the drivers to get fun facts and unique story angles. Combining these two parts of the story will make the legacy and allure of short track racing stronger. I’m exceptionally pleased to align our site with Bob Dillner and all the great staff members I’ve already had the pleasure to work with at Speed51.”

51’s Third Turn will provide Speed51.com with occasional features highlighting the history of big upcoming events as well as provide full field results for Trackside Now coverage. Speed51 readers are also free to help out 51’s Third Turn with helping add to their historical archive. Click the “Contribute“ button on TheThirdTurn.com’s main menu to see what races and information 51’s Third Turn is trying to find next.