Speed51.com's "5 on 5" - March Madness Edition
Five Short Trackers' Views on Five NCAA Tournament-Related Topics
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ARCA Midwest Tour
Who are you pulling for in the NCAA Tournament?
Favorite college basketball team
Did you ever play on a basketball team?
Better stick-and-ball athlete, you or your significant other?
Compare your driving style to a basketball player or position.

I had Duke winning it all,
but we don't have to talk about that.  Now I'm going with Syracuse.  (Syracuse has since lost)

The Radford University Highlanders.  That's where I went.

I played all through high school.

Oh boy, definitely me.

Shooting guard, with that drive to the basket and aggressiveness to the ball.

I've got to go with Syracuse.  They've been sloppy the last five-to-seven games, but we'll see what happened.  (Syracuse since lost)

Coming from my area, Syracuse is right up the road so that's who we've got to pull for.

I played baseball (catcher), I played football some and I was on the bowling team.  Never played basketball, though.

Running-wise, I'm a little out of shape.  When it comes to driving a racecar, probably me.

Got to be Lebron James.  Go hard all the time.

I'll go with Arizona.  I've heard they're good, at least.

I always like to watch Cleveland State do well.  They've had some good tournament runs and they're an underdog school.  Plus it's about 20 minutes from my house.

I tried to, but I sucked at it.  They put me in at center because I was taller than everybody, but I wasn't any good.

I don't have one, but I was pretty awful anyway so it wouln't be hard to be better than me.

I'm a lot like Chris Paul.  I can be aggressive when I need to, but also distribute information.

I would have to go with UConn.  I like the way they play.  I have a good feeling about them.

I'm a (Florida) Gator fan, but I just don't think they will make it all the way this year.

I played.  I broke my ankle playing a couple years ago and still drove a race with my ankle broken.  I played at three different schools and played AAU.

My significant other.  Samantha is good and I can't keep up with her.

I am a shooting guard in my racing game.  Maybe a point guard.  I like to shoot, but I don't want to be a ball hog unless it's winning races.

I don't watch it.  I like the Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA team), but they aren't in it.  Usually Minnesota teams aren't in the tournament.

Minnesota Golden Gophers.  I don't know how they are doing this year.  Did they make the tournament?

(No, they didn't)

I did when I was in fifth grade.  I tried it for two practices, then I quit.  I figured when I only made one of 100 shots, it wasn't for me.

It's a 50/50 thing.  Krystle, my wife, did pole vaulting in college and I played hockey.  I think she has the one-up on me in basketball.  In baseball, I can hit it further, but she can run faster.

Center, but better off on defense because defense doesn't shoot the ball.  Plus I could make the real close shots.  Or I could be the waterboy.
After a five-year hiatus, Speed51.com's "5 on 5" feature returns with a special "March Madness edition.  What is the "5 on 5"?  It's where 51 asks five short track racers their thoughts on five different topics.  Maybe those topics have to do with racing, but sometimes they don't.  To celebrate the NCAA basketball tournament that is going on now, we asked these five short trackers about hoops and how it relates to their racing abilities.  Most of these interviews took place before some of these drivers' tournament picks were eliminated, but it still makes it fun.  Now, on with this edition of Speed51.com's "5 on 5."