Based on years of trackside assistance, Baker Engineering offers this list of pre and post race maintenance tips for every race team -- things to check, change or tighten -- to keep you at the track, week after week:

Nuts & Bolts Check – tighten/check EVERY single bolt and nut, from the front of the engine all the way back to fuel tank.

Start the car in the garage & check for leaks – check EVERYWHERE fluid flows (from the oil pump to the carb, oil tank to oil pan, coolant paths, water pump, transmission, differential, etc.)

Clear the exhaust– perform a simple visual inspection to make sure NOTHING touches the hot exhaust lines (not a wire tie, ignition wire or oil/fuel/coolant hoses).

Check the Engine Maintenance Schedule – don’t have one?  Talk to your engine builder and create one!  Maintenance requirements will vary by engine size/power, track demands, number of laps, etc.

Post Race Checks – check these potential race spoilers in the pits after the race or in the garage, but always before you get to the track when it might be too late! Check all fluid levels and valve lash; perform a leak-down test and a compression test.

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