Randy Myers probably feels like he is living a real life version of the movie “Groundhog’s Day.”

The Series Director for the KOMA Unwind Modified Madness Southern Modified Tour had another late night on Sunday reviewing the scoring of their Semper Fi 125 race at Coastal Plains Speedway in Jacksonville, South Carolina.   It was not until late into the night that David Calabrese was the official winner of the race.

Initially the series posted on the KOMA Unwind Modifed Madness Facebook page that Burt Myers was the winner of the race, but later on it was announced that after a review, Calabrese was the winner. 

To make matters worse, there were even photos and posts on various Facebook pages that Spencer Davis was the winner and he even had a photo taken in victory lane with his Hillbilly Racing team.

The new Modified series had the same issue at their inaugural event back in April at Hickory Motor Speedway.  But at the end of that event, Tim Brown was still the winner; just the drivers swapped final positions behind him.

But to have it happen twice in a row is something that is upsetting to Myers and he is doing everything he can to remedy the problem before their next race on Friday, June 13th at North Carolina's Ace Speedway.

So what really caused the issue at Coastal Plains?  Myers has always been someone who believes in transparency to where he went on the Southern Modified Race Tour Facebook page and posted a lengthy explanation.

In summary, Myers explained that the Series hires Professional MotorSports Solutions (PMSS) as their official scorer.  At Coastal Plains Raceway, the scoring loop doesn’t extend across pit road.  PMSS had one person there and recruited someone from the track staff to note the cars pitting, what lap they pitted on, etc.  The recruited help apparently didn’t understand exactly what she was supposed to do and failed to make those notes for the PMSS scorer to manually update the scoring during the event. 

Only one car was missed in the pit in and out notes, the No. 80 Mike Speeney.  At the end of the race, they were able to go through and correct when he pitted and thus have the final results with Calabrese winning the event and Burt Myers in second.

To make this more confusing, the scoreboard was aligned with the timing/scoring system. 

“Our issue is that our timing/scoring was not correctly updating when teams made their pit stop in the race,” Myers told 51 Wednesday.  “We realized it was a problem during the race. We asked if we had to put out a caution to correct it and was told that they were getting all who were making pit stops.  But that wasn’t the case.

“After the race, we invited the top six teams up to the tower and we reviewed the scoring together.  When the teams left the tower, nobody was in disagreement with what we saw.  They may not have liked the end result, but they agreed with the final results.”

The KOMA Unwind Modified Madness Series has a rule that a team must make a pit stop during the race.  Officials feel that this gives the fans something more to watch than just the action on the track, along with seeing many different strategies and lead changes.

“Brian Weber (CEO of KOMA Unwind) has put a lot of money in this series and he will not let an issue like this slow down the progress of this series,” Myers said.  “He told me that if we need to spend the money to get scoring loops installed on pit roads for our upcoming events, we would do that.”

“Both Hickory and Coastal Plains doesn’t have a scoring loop on pit road, and the track provided us with a person to help with the pit in and pit out,” Brad Hockaday, Owner of Professional Motorsports Solutions explained.  “Both my scorer and the provided scorer missed one car. When you miss one car, it messes everything else up.  By going back and reviewing the scoring data, they were able to see where the error was made and it was corrected.”

Hockaday also went on to the Southern Modified Race Tour Facebook page and posted the following statement.

“As the owner of PMSS we were assured we'd have someone to help us and found out after they gave us a rookie to help. I want to apologize and we will correct it on our end at next race whether we have to put pit road loops in or have someone just doing pit in and out. Putting loops in are very expensive is the reason some of these tracks don’t have them.”

Myers said that he has spoken with Hockaday and they are working on a solution to prevent this from happening in the future.

“We have three choices.  One, we need a competent person to do pit in and pit outs.  Two, we install a loop everywhere we go and the series sponsor has said he will do that if needed.  Three, we need a second person to help run the scoring system or we change scorers.”

Hockaday agrees that a scoring loop is best solution, but the cost of installing it could be an issue, especially when it’s only used once or twice a year at a track.

Myers said that they are having a board meeting on Monday, June 2nd to make a decision and have a plan in place for their upcoming event at Ace Speedway in Altamahaw, North Carolina on Friday, June 13th.

“We realize this doesn’t look good and we are doing everything we can to fix it,” Myers exclaimed.  “We want to be fair to the fans that knowing they leave they know who the winner of the race.  This wasn’t fair to the fans, the racers and to everyone helping putting the race on Memorial Day.

“Our big goal for the day was to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our country and I feel we did that right.”

The official results show David Calabrese as the winner with Spencer Davis in second and Burt Myers in third.

KOMA Modified Madness Series Working Through Growing Pains
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By Kevin Ramsell, Speed51.com Correspondent - Twitter: @KevinRamsell
The field gets set for action at Costal Plains (KOMA Series photo)
Tim Borwn and Jason Myers chat after the KOMA race at Hickory.  (Speed51.com photo)