Two of the premier Outlaw Super Late Model races in the country will share a combined point fund for their 2014 events. Berlin Raceway’s “Money in the Bank” will be run on Wednesday,  June 11 and Kalamazoo Speedway’s “Kalamazoo Klash XXII” will be on Wednesday, August 13.  Both events will have identical ‘A’ Feature payouts and a combined point fund. The purse for each event will be as follows:

$10,000 to win-$4,000-$2,500-$2,250-$2,000-$1,500-$1,400-$1,300-$1,200-$1,100-$1,000-$1,000-$1,000-$1,000-$1,000-$900-$900-$900-$900-$900-$850 on back (26 cars at Berlin, 22 at Kalamazoo)

At the conclusion of Kalamazoo Klash XXII the drivers that make the ‘A’ Feature for both events will have their finishing positions in the two events averaged and the top ten average finishers will receive a share of a combined point fund for the two events. The Bonus Point Fund however will not be a traditional point fund with the driver placing the best average finish being guaranteed the most money. Instead, the top 10 best average finishers will
“Draw” 1-10 for their specific amount. (ex. A driver that finishes an average of 9th place will have the same chance at winning an extra $1,500 as the winner of the two race series would have.) The amounts to draw from for the 2 race event will be:


If there is a tie for the tenth position the tie will be broken by the average qualifying position for the two events. If the tie can still not be broken the drivers will simply split the money.

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