Super Late Model racing ends its season every year with the Snowball Derby at Pensacola's Florida's Five Flags Speedway in December.  Only a few weeks later the birth of another new season takes place in the same state, but on the east coast. 

New Smyrna Speedway, which is just south of Daytona Beach, is consistently the host site for the first show of the new season.  The short off-season of asphalt short track racing comes to an end with the Red-Eye 100, which will celebrate its 29th running this Saturday at New Smyrna. 

The Daytona 500 once produced the "Dale and Dale" show when NASCAR Hall of Fame drivers Dale Jarrett and Dale Earnhardt finished one-two in a dramatic battle in 1993.

A few miles south, a story of two drivers with the same name - just with different spellings - is taking place at New Smyrna Speedway in the Super Late Model division.  Steve Wallace, son of NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace, and Florida Super Late Model standout Stephen Nasse are making the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car racing their play ground with their own show after two nights.

The drivers have finished first and second in each of the first two nights and are tied atop the points.  The two drivers have bumped, nudged, scraped and battled each other hard for every inch on the track, but both drivers have developed a mutual respect for one another.

"It's been really fun racing with him," said World Series Night 2 winner Wallace.  "We had a hellish race there Friday night.  I felt our car was really good, but he chose the bottom and that worked better for him then us.  Tonight we made up for it."

Nasse has enjoyed it just as much as Wallace after he took Night 1's win on a restart and held off Wallace for the win.  Night 2 he couldn't complete the pass on a few restarts as poorly timed cautions ended his momentum. 

"If we could finish one-two every night then that would be a big deal," said Nasse.  "I don't know as if it's ever happened at the World Series.  That would be the true Steve and Stephen show.  I'm fine with that as long as I have more one's then two's."  

Both drivers needed good starts to 2014 after dealing with issues that have kept them out of the car and victory lane as well.

"It feels good to win," added Wallace after his win Saturday.  "The last race I won was when my grandpa died back in 2011.  It just feels good.  I have had a lot of personal stuff thrown at me and I have not been able to race as much as I have wanted to over the past few years."

For Nasse a bad case of pneumonia which resulted in dangerously high white blood cell counts as well as a severe blood infection landed him in the hospital for more than a week in 2013.  That left Nasse out of the seat for several weeks.

"It was awesome to win on opening night," said Nasse.  "It's a tradition we have I guess.  That always seems to be out night to win." 

Nasse won with a broken foot on opening night in 2011 at Smyrna World Series.

Both drivers now look to be on top of their game for the final five nights in which the Super Late Models are in action.   
"We have changed our Super Late Model program up quite a bit and when I say a bit, I mean a lot," explained Wallace.  "We are running Hamke Race Cars with Jeff Hamner engines which are awesome right now.  Our car is really hooked up and hauling ass and I am really looking forward to that 100 lapper at the end of the week."

While Wallace almost feels bulletproof, Nasse wants a few tweaks before the next round on the track Monday.

"He's had the better car both of the nights on long runs," explained Nasse.  "Tomorrow I think we are going to unload the car and work on a few things on our Hamke ride."

Nasse has Robbie White power under the hood of his No. 51 ride.  

The rubbing, door-to-door battles, and tire marks on the track doesn't have ether of the two concerned.

"That's just short track racing," added Wallace.  "This is what it's all about.  All that NASCAR stuff is cool and you get to make money, but this is what it's all about.  It's fun, it's hard and it's clean racing. It makes it so much more fun when you beat the crap out of someone, lean on him and him on you and there is no hard feelings cause that's racing.  I'm having so much fun right now I don't want it to end."

By the end of the week other drivers like Ross Kenseth, David Rogers, Kyle Benjamin and other could knock one of these two off the front two spots, but until they do it's "The Steve & Stephen Show"

"We came to win races," said Nasse.  "No disrespect to anyone when we put on a good show that's great for the fans, but we are all here to win."

Even Stev(ph)ens
Steve Wallace and Stephen Nasse Dominate Early World Series
By Elgin Traylor, Operations Manager - Twitter: @ElginTraylor