In honor of the Callavini family, who have been the lease holders and promoters at Mountain Speedway for the last fourteen seasons, the tracks annual “Frostbite” Enduros were held Saturday afternoon. Prior to the day ending fireworks display, Dirt Modified ace Danny Creden of White Plains, NY walked away with the 100-lap Four Cylinder Enduro. With temperatures hovering zero and with five inches of snow on the speedway, things really heated up on the track when the 6/8-Cylinders took the stage. In what seemed like a rolling demo, Steve Brooks of Long Island, NY took the checkers for his first enduro win at the track. A pair of demo derbies was held. Nick Kreizer and Keith Smashalot ended up the victors and brought home the hardware.

Harry O’Neill led the Four Cylinder Enduro field to the drop of the green in the 100-lap contest but lost the lead to Jim Neiman before a lap was complete. Danny Creden held third, followed by Mike Koppenhaver and Paul Hartwig, Jr.

With approximately eight laps complete, O’Neill grabbed the lead and Creden climbed to second shortly after. The top two remained the same at the halfway mark, as Neiman and Harry Sager pursued them.

By lap 53 the track became a complete sheet of ice and Creden reeled in O’Neill. Creden made his bid for the lead work on lap 53 and never looked back to score the convincing victory over O’Neill, Charlie Houghtaling, Neiman and Mike Odwazny.

The 6/8-cylinder drivers took to the track for their 100-lap show with TJ Kapish on the pole position. Before a lap was complete, Tony Rispin grabbed the lead, which was short-lived as Creden, with his front wheel driver Four Cylinder, took command.

With Creden still showing the way on lap 15, things really began to heat up on track. Like black ice on I80, drivers spun through the corners and made both casual and heavy contact along the way. Many of those drivers gunned for the leader and in turn, his day came to en end when he suffered a flat tire on lap 44.

Steve Brooks was running in second before the leader’s misfortune and then inherited the lead. As Brooks tries to steer clear of carnage, the battle for second was long a rolling demolition derby, which had the fans on their feet and some racers hot in their seat.

Driving his front wheel drive 6-Cylinder, Bill Schwenk grabbed the second spot and following a quick red flag, passed the leader on lap 57. His lead was cut short when his car suffered mechanical issues nine laps later and Brooks retook the top spot.

With the rest of the field bouncing off one another for survival and with a seven lap advantage over second, Brooks nursed his car around the speedway to steer clear of trouble and pick up the victory over Ed Brown, Jr, Josh Matthews, Smokie Roberts and Anthony Pizzo.
6/8-Cylinder Results (100-laps): 1. STEVE BROOKS 2. Ed Brown Jr. 3. Josh Matthews 4. Smokie Roberts 5. Anthony Pizzo 6. Scott Sipe 7. Tom Kapish 8. Steve Tito 9. Bill Schwenck 10. Charlie Houghtaling 11. Paul Hartwig 12. Brian Sescila 13. Danny Creden 14. James Presley 15. Andrew Krause 16. Tony Rispin 17.Scott Adams

4-Cylinder Results: 1. DANNY CREDEN 2. Harry O'Neill 3. Charlie Houghtaling 4. Jim Neiman 5. Willy Wyn 6. Scott Adams 7. Phil Levering 8. Walt Henry 9. Mike Koppenhaver 10. Harry Sager 11. Luke Collern 12. Bob Wink 13. Frank Katona 14. Bob Kulik 15. Mike Harding 16. Tony Hilliard 17.Justin Deutsch 18. Larry Alvord 19. Devin Gibson 20. Larry Spencer III 21. Paul Hartwig 22.Randy Ahner Jr 23. Kyle  Welsch 24. Costis Efantis

Steve Brooks and Danny Creden Chill with Frostbite VII Victories at Mountain
Nick Kreizer and Keith Smashalot Notch Demo Derby Wins
Track press release
Wild and snowy action at Mountain Speedway's Frostbite event.