The time has come for the fans to speak, the SK 5k Presented by NAPA Auto Parts fan vote is set to open today, March 28th.  The event has generated a great amount input from fans that included some very creative and interesting race formats.  There were a wide variety of ideas that were proposed by fans, we have narrowed it down to a simple vote that will determine the race format.

The poll is located on the Stafford Motor Speedway homepage and there fans and drivers alike will decide on the race format for the July 4th SK 5k Presented by NAPA Auto Parts.  There are four questions for fans to vote on; laps, qualifying format, tire policy, and starting lineup procedure.

The first poll question will be the laps of the race, which will be the most important and most closely followed of all the voting options. The top-3 choices in votes for the laps will be placed into a hat on race day and during pre-race ceremonies one number will be drawn out of the hat to determine the number of laps for the race. 

The second question in the poll is for qualifying procedure; options include: heat races or time trials to set the heat race lineups.

The third polling option is the tire change policy for the race; options include: 2 tires, 4 tires, or no tires allowed.

The final question determines how the starting lineup will be set; options include: standard Stafford Speedway handicapping system that is used to determine starting lineups throughout the season or invert the top 6, 8, 10, or 12 cars to form the starting lineup.

Stafford Motor Speedway encourages all race fans to head over to to place their vote and make their voice heard in determining the race format of the Inaugural SK 5k Presented by NAPA Auto Parts. Fans will be limited to one vote per person per 24 hour period.

Stafford Speedway SK 5k Fan Vote Now Open
Vote to Decide the Format of Stafford's Biggest SK Modified Race Ever
By Track PR